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    One of the things that I got from the Book was that there is no such thing as Fairness in Nature and that would explain a lot of the Behaviors of not just Humanity abut also all other Lifeforms in Earth.

    This is an interesting, philosophical point of view. The way I see it, I suppose, is that fairness is a human construct, so it would be foolish of us to assume that non-human entities/organisms or abstract concepts have any notion of what we call fairness. Moreover, I would agree with David that nature is about balance, and it’s something that we humans may yet have to learn (again). Nature will always find its own balance – to paraphrase Jurassic Park: life will find a way; whether that balance includes us as a species depends very much on whether we can adjust to nature. Perhaps we shouldn’t talk about our saving the world, but rather the world saving us (from ourselves) and the only way to do that is reattune ourselves to the planet that keeps us alive, the only one we’ve got.