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    Then Bobcat gives some really good personal Advice on Page #5:
    “Clearly, where any relationship breaks down, the sesult is a collapse in respect, but to respond by demanding the relationship improves is seldom helpful”

    I feel like all love is not expecting things in return, no quid pro quo, but lots of people think it is all about quid pro quo, we need mogees, on this site, If you are looking for the quid pro quo love, you just are never going to find it. You have to love with out expecting things in return.

    One of the things that I got from the Book was that there is no such thing as Fairness in Nature and that would explain a lot of the Behaviors of not just Humanity abut also all other Lifeforms in Earth.

    I disagree with this one, I saw a cat rip a head off a beautiful baby squirrel the other day, and it was done quickly, and the cat was hungry. This was a wild cat, and he did not do it for fun, or toying around with the baby squirrel, he did it because he was hungry, just like we pick beans or kill a chicken when we need food, but it would be better to be a vegetarian if possible. I am working on that one. So, I actually think that nature is pretty fair, it is the humans who are not fair, when we go hunting just for the sport of it. And if the hawks didn’t thin out the other sick and old animals things would not work in the environment. without the Kittys, we would be overrun with ratty rats. Nature has a natural balance, and the only ones who don’t respect that are humans. I blame this all on the Bible, and christians, who think animals have no souls. I know that animals have souls and it is just weird that people who are christians think that only humans have souls. So I disagree with the chieftess on this one, but I also have not read the book because I find these books to be a bit too self help. However, keep reading and keep us posted on the good bits, the tasty treats, you find in this 3×3, And it is grand that you went and hung out with the buddhist and not christian indoctrination summer camp. Oh, here is one, I asked a christian why is Jesus a man and a god at the same time, and the answer is always, “It is a spiritual mystery, and know one knows,” So that is the answer to first question on the what do christian’s believe test.

    “Too often, I would attend Pagan events to find overeating, heavy drinking, cigarette smoking individuals, bitching, expressing no more care for the world than the mundane crowd in a shopping mall”

    Yeah, I get this one, but a lot of Neo pagans are in it just for the party, and my feeling is it is okay to have a good time and have a fun time. Also, who knows, maybe, some real Celtic druidry will rub off on them and change them. As long as everyone is kind I am fine with it. and remember the festivals also bring a lot of new members into the tribes of druids, and I am all for that. I use to get really mad at the Neo-pagans, but now I just accept them for who they are and love them and would like to share a cannabis chocolate cake with them, and I hope someone remembers to bring the skim milk. I don’t drink or smoke myself, but I will treat myself to some cannabis cookies. And I think cannabis can help me get in touch with the otherwold, and makes me more peaceful, and still. Best Greyfalcon