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    Dear David, I am really glad to hear that Eimar Burke will be the new OBOD chieftess. Her love of the Irish gods is a grand sign for the druids, and of course she must also know of the Tuatha de Dannan, the faery race of good folk that I have so much contact with, and who have helped me to stop smoking. They are a beautiful race of the faeries, and I hope you get to meet them in person. I feel that the Neo pagans are all looking for otherworld connections and many of them learn a great deal about the otherworld from being in the OBOD. And the OBOD has brought a great many people to awareness of the Celtic Druids. I find that a lot of books on magic may have only one or two pieces of information that makes sense when put together with other books that have one or two pieces of information, and I also find that groups like the BDO are helpful because these online groups help us to find out what the good books are, and where the groups of Celtic Druids are. I am finding out that in order to have contact with the Celtic Gods and Goddesses, that I have to reach out to them, like honoring them in a ceremony, or giving them gifts like music or flowers. I was able to contact the goddess Rhiannon by playing harp music. She likes the song, Saddle the Pony. But that makes sense because she is the horse goddess. And the book I am reading now, Sacred Animals by Gordon Maclellan, The Toad, also talks about reaching out to a power animal. I feel like we have to put some effort into contacting the Celtic Gods and Goddess, and nature spirits, and trees, but at the same time the trick is to not force it, and just kind of let it happen. Many times these things happen when we least expect them to. I am playing my harp more now, and have set it up with some good mics and some great little Mesa Boggie acoustic amps. I try to make things fun to play, and that way I find I spend more time playing them. I certainly will check out the book by Daimler, and I have a lot of Irish blood in me, and love the Tuatha de Dannan , and had been calling on them for years before I actually met them. They are small, no more than 3 to 5 feet high, and most people would mistake them for children, which they are not. They also dress in beautiful adult faery clothes, and that is what gives them away. The Tuatha are of a higher consciousness than humans and you will feel your consciousness and spirit uplifted by their presence. For now, taking it one day at a time, and really enjoying my life, a life of more stillness. Best William