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david poole

    “We will be under observation right now, our enemies will be gathering data”, though Duncan quickly.

    “You wish us to blind their satellites?”, suggested the Narhulan.

    “Not necessarily, they will notice that immediately. Could we try something else perhaps? We need to lead our enemies in the wrong direction about our abilities. They play a game of deception and so can we.” Duncan was now wondering whether they were heading for a checkmate or a stalemate. In a stalemate, there would be no victors, but then neither would they lose. “We feed false sensory data to their satellites.” He tried to think this through carefully. “Suggest to them that we have arms and forces that we do not have. Tanks planes other weapons, perhaps missiles.”

    “They will hesitate to act against us because they will fear a counter-response. Clever and shrewd”, observed the Narhulan. “Anything else?”

    “I do not know who is behind this but we can confuse them even further. Create another illusion here. Let us say that our town and facilities have an international crew. Make sure that British, American, Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern delegates of some standing are here. try not to be too obvious with who they are, but make sure that all of those cultures are present. I want the illusion of military figures and politicians, we can be a littler vague about who they are as long as it appears that someone from among them is actually on our side. Choose specific figures, those whose loyalty is in question, people who have disappeared or have external interests. Create the illusion that some of them are here and have travelled here. They will wonder whether there own side is turning against them. They will no longer know who to trust within their own side.”

    “We are starting to turn their own tactics against them. An efficient strategy”, observed the Narhulan. “We shall proceed.”

    The assembled staff were startled when human figures suddenly appeared among them. Outside, it could be seen that there were individuals and groups conversing. There were a mixture of races, cultures, some political looking figures, some military, some scientific. Some of their faces looked vaguely familiar, although it was hard to be absolutely certain.

    “Good, keep it just like that, no more clear definition. Adjust travel records, work records, illnesses and absences, try to make a consistency with these appearances and the motions and activities of certain people within each of these spheres. The illusion must possess credibility in order to work.”

    “We can adjust video recordings, CCTV, data records and certain transmissions”, said the Narhulan.

    “That is excellent, it will provide us with the perfect cover while we proceed to the next stage”, replied Duncan.

    The druid thought carefully about what that might be. Both species were concerned about the destructive potential of mankind. How might that potential be reduced and the human race be saved? He wondered what steps should be taken next.