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david poole

    “Surround this area with a protective screen”, Duncan said to the Narhulans. “We will obscure ourselves from outside observers so that they may not perceive our actions or our weaknesses. Make sure that it is powerful enough to deflect all weapons. And keep scanning pour immediate area for any sign of hostile thoughts.” The force barrier would be like a form of virtual mist, hiding and obscuring their actions from hostile, outside parties so that only friends and sympathisers would be made welcome. The inspiration had come to him like a bolt out of the blue. “We can maintain a constant security screen at all checkpoints for guns, weapons and explosives. And run a thorough background check on all staff and visitors, we must have no unauthorised personnel within our facility.” Security and safety were the key. It was a kind of technological magic, fighting technology with technology.

    “It shall be done”, said the Narhulan. “We have scanned the immediate area and have detected certain craft approaching us.”

    Duncan looked worried at this. “Can you identify the nature of their forces?”

    “We have so far identified a submarine approaching within strike range, we suspect nuclear warheads will be onboard. We have also identified jet aircraft, probably bearing high yield weaponry such as missiles. No other craft have been identified so far. We suspect that our area is now under high resolution satellite surveillance.”

    “All of these craft will possess targetting systems”, said Duncan. “Use a high power energy pulse to blank out their targetting, destroy their electronics but not their craft. Ready a high power EMP pulse heading outwards from our area to destroy all external electronics. That ought to shut them down. Aim EMP energy pulses at all satellites orbiting within long range visual distance. That will prevent them from spying on us and gathering more data.”

    “It shall be done”, replied the Narhulan as he relayed these instructions to the rest of the Narhulan collective, who immediately moved into action.

    “There are a few more possibilities that we have not covered yet”, observed one of the surrounding science team. Duncan turned to face them.

    “I have just thought of that myself. Weather control of course. They could hit us with a tidal wave or hurricane using their weather control, that would prove very destructive. And earthquakes. We have had a taste of that already with the side effects of fracking.” He bit his lip thoughtfully. “Suggestions, anyone?”

    “We possess long range observation abilities. We can monitor constantly over a long range for phenomena such as tidal changes or earth tremors.”

    “And the solutions?” said Duncan.

    “We would need a high range wide spread energy beam of some description to dissipate earth tremors, the same could work for waves or storms. It would require a tremendous amount of transmitting power though, far more than we have here.”

    Duncan turned to the Narhulan representative. “Is your technology capable of creating such an effect? We might need to react at very short notice.”

    “We believe that it is human”, said the Narhulan. “We shall make more preparations for this eventuality.”

    “Thank you.” Duncan returned to the scientists. “Begin monitoring for any signs of external disturbances as we have discussed. That should be enough to throw off any immediate problems.” It was now time to begin acting out their long term strategy.

    “We must begin preparing our own media broadcasts. I suspect that both we and the Narhulans have been subjected to hostile propaganda. We need a studio and broadcasting facilities in order to tell people the truth. Start working on this please. We want to have as wide an audience as possible. I want a series of solutions or one viable solution within the net few hours.”

    Some of the surrounding group broke away to start acting on these instructions. Duncan thought carefully to himself. This was now becoming like a game of chess, with move followed by countermove. He wondered whether the hostile forces had any hidden technology of their own, and where it might have come from. So far, fortunately, they had not displayed any sign of this. He hoped that it would remain so. Cautiously, he was becoming optimistic.