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david poole

    Thank you William, I may just look into that. Bran and Branwen are the Welsh ravens, one black one white, who might call to those who favour the Welsh lore; the Morrigan is distinctly Irish as you may know. Interestingly this is the time when Eimar Burke has been appointed as the new head of OBOD, there was an announcement last night and I believe that the online ceremony will be coming soon. Certainly an omen of some kind and Eimar is of Irish descent, so maybe she will become a form of war leader for OBOD and for the future. Irish Gods Irish Godesses by Morgan Daimler is well worth a look, this was a very informative book indeed but then I expected that to happen. Irish Paganism in the same series might be worth looking at too. The book on Welsh lore was interesting but seemed far less substantial to my eyes, I don’t know why. There was some explanation of the Mabinogion but I didn’t feel that it went into the subject in great depth. Sometimes you read a book just to pick up one scrap of knowledge which you did not have before, one key insight. I too feel as if we have some meaningful connection.