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    Dear David, I just wanted to tell you about the book Sacred Animals by Gordon Maclellan, also known as the toad. It is a really mighty book, and I think you would like it. This is the Book that Chief Graywolf recomended and said it was a really good book. I will check out the Morrigan. She calls to a lot of druids. I have had her contact me with her ravens, and I need to find out more about her. I don’t fear her, and think that she has some good lessons to teach us druids. Again, I love it when druids follow the Celtic Gods and Goddesses. I don’t worship them, but I do look on them as teachers and friends. And I have great respect for them. I am sure I have gotten there help many times and feel like I need to spend more time developing a relationship with them. To me Celtic druidry is an involvement with the Celtic Gods and goddesses and I really don’t think people are druids who are not involved with the Celtic Gods and goddesses, but that is just my view, and it is only the way I look at things, but I am not all alone, and there are many other druids who think the way I do. I mean anyone can call themselves a druid, and that is fine with me. But druids also affect and travel into the Celtic otherworld, and what happens in the Celtic otherworld affects this everyday world. Just to let you know, I met you on the astral planes once, we were standing overlooking the ocean and standing on some high cliffs, probably in Scotland or Ireland. Time is not always linear on the Astral, and this could have taken place in the past or the future. Best William