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david poole

    It was not long before Duncan made contact with the Narhulan mind. He had considered astrally projecting himself into the Narhulan world, but it seemed like a great risk. The Narhulans were unsympathetic to trespassers and it was possible that they would be able to sense even invisible astral forms, with their ability to work with intangible energies and forms. The contact was very confusing and disorientating. Duncan was sure that he could sense someone there, but it was not clear who it was. The Narhulans were trying to screen themselves.

    “Don’t be afraid”, he said. “I am your friend. We know that we have damaged our world and we know that you are angry. We are trying to do the best that we can. Please forgive us. There are those who have lied to you. We must clear up that deceit. I promise that I will give you nothing but the truth as far as I am able.”

    Duncan felt that his statement had been clear enough, what the Narhulan response might be was hard to tell. They seemed to possess human emotions, such as anger and fear, but beyond that nobody knew much about their society, culture or motivations. Would they be willing to listen? He felt as hopeful as it was possible to feel.

    “We are aware of your presence human”, came a voice. “In what way do you think we have been deceived?”

    “I have been given a warning by a messenger from another realm. He claims that fear and confusion have been created by the masters of deception. We think that he was referring to either the media, or to big business, or to the corporations, or some combination of these forces. Together they could and would try to destroy our world and environment, as we have already seen. He told me that they can be overcome. I think that there is a way to do this. We must send out our own message, tell the world the truth. We must tell the world that their actions threaten to destroy them. With this truth, perhaps we can still save everyone. But I fear that they will attempt to stop us. We need to work together, we need your help in order to succeed. Will you join with us, please?”

    There was a thoughtful silence, then the Narhulan presence responded.

    “Yes, we can work together, but there are many issues. Even now you abuse your own kind and try to destroy yourselves. Your time is running out. Desperate action is needed in order to avoid causing further harm. But we can protect you while we work together to find a solution.”

    “Thank you!”, said Duncan, extremely relieved. “This is most certainly a start. It would be helpful if you could send a representative of your people here, or make some kind of projection. People need to see the truth in order to believe it. Could you send someone here, or transmit a signal on our frequencies?”

    “We can sense your presence through your contact with us human”, said the Narhulan. “We believe that we can transmit part of our power through to you. You will be able to see us for the very first time. Please be aware though, our form is very unusual and may prove to be overwhelming to your sense. We are attempting projection now.”

    Although he was underneath a massive headset Duncan was able to speak to the surrounding scientists and staff. “They’re going to attempt a visit in person”, he said. “Their form is somewhat alien. Please be prepared for what you are about to witness. I promise that no harm will come to any of us.” He returned to the Narhulans. “We are as ready as we can be. Please go ahead.”

    There was a swirling form materialising within the laboratory. It was quite dark, but then they already knew that the Narhulans used shadowing and formless technology, so that had been anticipated. The humans could feel a strange presence within the swirling mass that was forming, an alien mind yet one with intelligence and purpose. They waited with anticipation to hear what it might have to say. They did not have to wait for long.