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david poole

    “What shall we do now?”, someone asked Duncan. He stood there momentarily, poised in thought.

    “Mac na hOiche said that the Narhulans were fools”, he said. “That means that they have been fooled, perhaps.” There were murmurs amongst his audience. “I think our first step should be to contact them. I think they have been deceived in some way, led to enter this conflict through no desire of their own. We must reach out to the Narhulan, we must contact them and attempt to break through this deception. That will remove our enemies of a key ally. Perhaps we can persuade the Narhulan to take our side.”

    “But how shall we do this?”, asked a member of his audience. “They are such a strange race, and they have little contact with humans apart from vague messages and threats about the environment.”

    “Have you tried transmissions, or signals?”, said Duncan. “A diplomatic party perhaps?”

    “No, that is the problem. The Narhulan tend to shun humans as being members of an inferior, destructive race. They prefer not to make contact.”

    “Then I have an idea”, said Duncan. “I need to make contact with them myself. Our dark friend has just left, or we might have asked him to do this, but I think that I can.”

    “How exactly? The Narhulan minds are so different, so strange.”

    “Symbiosis”, said Duncan. “I shall connect my mind to their and inform them of our true situation. I suspect that someone, somewhere, has made them badly informed and so turned them against us. We shall need the facilities of your science laboratory. The setup is simple enough to arrange. We shall do this for a limited period, say five minutes initially, then see what impressions I can get from them. I suspect that their emotions will be drastic and overwhelming, so we will limit the initial contact.”

    The group repaired themselves to the key science and laboratory facilities of the complex. Duncan took a good look around and had a word with some of the scientists there. “I will require a neural input output unit, for receiving my brain waves and deciphering theirs, if you should have that otherwise we shall need to make one up quickly. I need an external control, someone who can monitor my brainwaves and pull me out in case I start to become overloaded. This device will need to connected to an external transmitter, a radio based device which can send a signal to the Narhulans. I shall need to talk to their key figures, their leaders or their scientists or even both.”

    The arrangements were swiftly made. Duncan looked at what had been assembled. There was a simple chair in which he could relax and compose himself, a monitoring device to show his brainwaves and to monitor his status. There was an external dish with a large antenna which would transmit his brain signals to the Narhulans and in return receive theirs.

    “This is to be an intitial contact”, said Duncan. “I suspect that there will be a certain amount of confusion on their side, so I will have to start by explaining the true position and how they have been deceived. We can establish an understanding first, then arrange further contacts and start to set out a plan.”

    Duncan sat down in the chair and put on the brain receiving headset which the scientists had made up. He started off with a simple, calming meditation, then began to give directions.

    “We have the home location and the energy frequencies for the Narhulan. Begin our transmission”, he said.

    The scientists set to work and soon Duncan could feel the stirrings of a first contact. It was strange and very alien, yet not necessarily malevolent. Cautiously he decided to push his mental presence forward, and immediately felt a sense of recognition, a sense of curiosity and greeting. There was also some uncertainty and anger behind the emotions which he could feel.