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    Mac na hOíche stood and passed his silver beard through his fingers and rubbed his chin, his long silver-black hair occasionally fluttering in the gathering wind. He stood there for a good while, against that dark, foreboding sky, the eyes of all around transfixed on him and Duncan and then again he spoke …

    “The Narhulans are fools, dangerous fools, but fools all the same. They are but the servants of the Kings of Illusion, the real enemy, with their poisoned tongues these are the true Serpents of Deceit. A battle will be hard, but it will be necessary. Now heed my words well, this battle cannot be won or lost by a sword, an axe, an arrow or a lance, nor can the Kings of Illusion be defeated by any man or woman on two legs, or with two arms, or two eyes. They will not be defeated on land or by sea. But there is a way … but you, Duncan, Donnchadh, you must find it. I must go now, when you have true need, you will find me.”

    At that Mac na hOíche said no more, he turned and slowly made his way through the astonished crowd, and then, all of a sudden, as everyone was looking around at each other, they looked again and could see the Son of the Night no more.

    Duncan looked up against that dark, grey, rainy sky and just about made out the form of a raven flying away in the distance …