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david poole

    “Welcome Mac na hOiche, Son of the Night”, said Duncan. He wracked his memory to see if he knew anything of this figure. “We thank you for your warning. We must do everything we can to avoid unnecessary loss of life. But we must yet defend ourselves. Who are these forces whom you speak of? The Narhulans? The corporations and the businessmen? The military? We must act swiftly, while there is still time to act.”

    “I speak for the wounded, desecrated land itself, for I am the agent of those spirits who have been harmed and destroyed by your reckless actions so far”, replied Mac na hOiche. “But what you guess is true. The opposing forces are gathering right now and will soon meet in a final destructive conflict which will destroy all life here as we know it and wreck untold destruction. You ahve very little time left.”

    “As much as I mistrust the Narhulans and their powers, it may yet be that they act from anger at our actions, not from hatred of our kind”, reflected Duncan. “While we possess the power to stop them, still I would prefer to find a non-violent solution. So many lives have been lost so far, we must rise above our past and prove that we can do better than destroy those whom we do not understand.”

    “And if they are not willing to listen?” said Mac na hOiche. “What will you do then?”

    It was a difficult challenge, but Duncan was prepared to face it. “Then we fight against them. But it need not be as destructive as the more violent factions amongst us and their side might prefer. This is a matter of defence not a matter of vengeance. I believe that the Druid’s magic might be able to disarm both sides, preventing any harm. After that, a peace agreement must be made. But before then, we must try to talk to the Narhulan’s in some way, without giving away our intentions. We must send a message of some kind, a proposal, or a delegation. In the meantime we can prepare our own forces and bolster the city’s defences. I have a feeling that some may try to prevent us from finding an alternative solution for their own reasons. We all stand in danger now.”