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david poole

    “I will help you tom improve the city and enlist the help of the druids, but there are certain conditions. A price for my services, if you will”, said Duncan. The executives looked at him. “We will consider it”, one of them said. “Very well”, continued Duncan. “The Yellow Jacket drug. This is highly addictive and destroy’s people lives. I want you to stop all production of the drug and to help those who have become its victims to recover.” There was a stir at this, as Duncan had expected the vile drug was likely being used to keep the population pacified. “Second, I want an improvement in the general treatment of all citizens, including all workers, that must cover basic needs such as freedom to travel, freedom to meet each other, and decent wages and living conditions and food and water supplies. Thirdly, there must be basic rights for all people including the right of free speech, and freedom from discrimination. No-one must be mistreated unfairly because of their age, physical abilities, beliefs, ethnic background or social status.” Duncan wss thinking carefully, there were so many issues to set right within this society. “Fourthly, I would like peace agreements to be made with all local groups with whom there is a dispute; there must be an end to incidents of violence. This must include the end of false arrests and mistreatment of prisoners. All detainees must have the right to legal representation and a fair trial.” Duncan remembered what the hotel had been like and knew that he had had a taste of this treatment himself. There were some further points to cover, something to offer in return. “I can show you how to provide all of your people, including the workers and civilians, with safe clean drinkable water and clean, safe food. There must be no abuse of animals, including for laboratory testing. We will show you how to create free energy from clean, renewable sources. The exploitation of the environment is not necessary. We can provide you with the means to power your economy without destroying your surroundings. These measures will help to encourage the Nathulan’s to stop their efforts against you; your destructive nature has caused the situation which you are in now, you yourselves are responsible for that. But we can change that, and we help to make you safe once again. If you agree to do all of these things, it will be evidence that will weight in your favour with your opponents. If on the other ahnd you choose to ignore my advice, then the power of the Narhulans will continue to grow as you already know that is happening right now. Eventually, there will come a point where your enemies are unstoppable by any means, even with our help. You must do all of the things which I have advised and then, perhaps, you will stand a chance. Conflict, and the inevitable loss of life that comes with it, is something which I think we all want to avoid. The time to act has finally come, and we must all act right now, together as one community. The choice as to the future we face is now yours. We will do everything we can to help you.” There was quite a stir going on within his audience, Duncan coudl tell that his speech had hit a serious chord.