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    The men who had gathered around the long elliptical table in the boardroom of the Bolder city council building were all CEOs or Members of the World banks. These men were not the type of men who ever had friends, they had competitors. When they met each other, the main thing they talked about was who had the most money. They spent their time sizing up each other, comparing each other.
    Duncan the Druid, was met by a beautiful young secretary at the entrance to the Bolder Building. The secretary had a smile of fear plastered on her face because she knew if she did or said one wrong thing that she and her family would be sent back across the perimeter fence that surrounds Bolder. Even though the residents of Bolder had all been picked for genetic makeup or because they had come from super wealthy families, the people of bolder still needed domestic help and office workers, so some lucky people in the badlands were allowed to cross the border once a day and work in Bolder. These people were allowed to shop in the bolder grocery stores and get medical help. The secretary walked Duncan to the boardroom and asked if he wanted a bottle of water. Duncan said yes, thank you. Duncan noticed that the halls and the public spaces of the bolder building were all decorated with organic designs, organic furniture and sculpture that were meant to put a person at peace, and make them feel as if they were in nature, or somehow connected to nature. He saw one Asian person dressed in a lab coat scurry past him, but he did not see any blacks. And he had not seen any blacks since he had arrived. Bolder was as sinister and racial as Berlin in World War Two. Duncan took a seat around the elliptical table and waited for the board members to ask him questions about the bargain that they wanted to make with the druids. A margin that would stop global warming and end the Narhulans’ attack on the people of Bolder, a bargain that the council of bolder would never agree to as long as it meant giving up fracking and cars and trucks and planes and heating their buildings with oil heat or running their factories with gas. The council of Bolder had really called duncan just to pick his mind, and find out what he knew about the Narhulans who appeared as black geometric shaped floating mini inverted skyscapes, each one 3 feet long and one foot wide, and who could send out thousands of black threads that would wrap around a person and drain the life-force out of them. The Narhulans were unstoppable, so far. But it was said that the druids knew how to stop them. The Narhulans had arisen from the billions of souls and spirits of the the people who had already died from global warming. The Narhulans were angry..