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    Crossing over, at Checkpoint Donald, Duncan the Druid was afraid for the safety of the crowd that surrounded and pushed up against the fence of the checkpoint that guarded the city of Bolden’s lands. From the back of the monster pick up truck that Duncan was ridding in, Duncan could see the endless miles of razor wire and the sparkling machine guns of the guard towers that were spaced every forth of a mile. A young mother with two young children saw the kindness in Duncan’s eyes and started heading for him, hoping he may give her a handout of food, but as soon as she tried to follow the truck across the checkpoint line, she and her two young children were shot by Red Dog’s men. “Why did you do that, you evil men,” Duncan screamed as he tried to jump from the back of the truck bed and help the mother and her two young children, but Duncan was held back by Red Dog’s men who were laughing at the shooting of the mother and her two young children. The pick up truck sped out, and now the crowded burnt out badlands were replaced with green pastures full of cows and horses. Approaching Bolden, Duncan first saw the well tended suburbs, where each house had a swimming pool and in every driveway were three or four cars or trucks. Next came the miles of mansions, and Duncan could feel the smoothness of the road. And then the city of Bolden arose as the truck climbed higher up the mountain. But bolder did not look like a city, it looked like one huge corporate campus, modern, paved, sterile, with glass and metal buildings, gleaming in the sun like fresh minted silver dollars.

    *note all druids are welcome to add to this dystopian story of global warming.