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david poole

    Duncan had heard that the local people hunted seals and dolphins, which did appear close by. It was a real shame, they were such beautiful creatures, but it was preferable to cannibalism. If there were a real option Duncan would have chosen a meat free diet, for he felt great empathy for animals and the suffering which humans put them through. Outside crabs could be observed swarming across the road in flocks, scuttling sideways. This was something which Duncan had never seen before and he observed it with great interest. He knew that there was local dissent about living conditions, prostitution and the presence of the addictive yellow jacket. Some had organised protests, which had been brutally put down with water canons and tear gas. Local people had sometimes disappeared without explanation, no doubt imprisoned and murdered by the local government for dissent. It was possible that some of the local guerillas were making attacks against the yellow jacket factories, he knew of one man, Plissken, who was very active in attempting to destroy the vile trade. Maybe this was one of the reasons why he was wanted so badly. Duncan had also heard that the American government was going to use weather control to create a tsunami or tidal wave which would bury the coastal areas. This seemed entirely possible as there was widespread indifference to what happened to foreign countries there as America had its own problems with mass demonstrations against the much hated Water Tax. As he thought about this he felt the ground shaking once again. Doubtless it was another attempt to extract more gas and oil from beneath the ground.