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david poole

    Thank you Dave you have been working really hard. About the library, there are far more than just five texts. Go to the Student Study area, Library then click on the links, this reveals a number of subheadings there are many more texts found under here available as pdf files. From what you are saying Druidic triads were associated with the Neolithic people, who I thought predated the Iron Age. Did the Neolithic people have their own druids, or is druidry as old as the Neolithic period i.e. predating the Celts? I would be very interested to hear more about that especially if you have more evidence. The first link you supple returns page not found, I think something is wrong here. I was under the impression that Druidic Dawn was no longer active, is that true? The second link however does work and I can recommend anyone to try this instead. The other links work as well.