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david poole

    There was not much to do in the hotel except to watch old shows on television, and there was no point in going outside as the hotel was by far the safest place in the entire town. It had not yet been flooded out by the rising waters, although there was black mold on the walls and the wallpaper and roof were rotting away. There was water in the taps, but it had turned a strange colour, Duncan was wary of drinking this as it might be contaminated with bacteria and cause dysentery. Upon turning on one of the taps he witnessed a small explosion of flame. There was no need to worry about dysentrey as the local water was actually polluted with fracking gas. Duncan decided to try the shower. He fared little better there but at least it came out as water. Duncan was careful to leave the plug in the shower’s basin. After washing it was dirty and thick with grime and body salt, but was at least drinkable and safe, if unpleasant. He pondered on the fate of the Mac Lir and its crew. When they had arrived, the shores of the landing port had been covered in a dense, dark and dirty foam which he assumed had been caused by industrial waste being poured directly into the sea instead of being filtered out. There had been many dead fish floating lifelessly in the layers of scum. It was likely that all of the local fish were likewise contaminated, unless they had suffocated due to lack of oxygen in the water. He wondered whether it was a risk worth taking as he would have to eat something eventually, possibly dead rats or dog meat.