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    The sailors were tense and armed as the Mac Lir tied up to the floating docks of Port Red Dog. Floating above the heads of Red Dog’s militia men were the black geometric block shapes of the Narhulan, looking like mini upside down city skylines. Duncan the druid left the ship and followed the militia men through the crowds to the old hotel. He would have to stay there until safe passage could be arranged to Bolder because Red Dog was still negotiating with the Bolderians for how much the delivery of the druid was worth. Red Dog wanted more arms and food than the bargain had originally been agreed to. Duncan the druid heard a knocking at his hotel room door. “Maid, I need to get into the room, I left a knife used for carving pineapple in the room.” Duncan was tired so he let the maid in, and once in the room is was quickly apparent to Duncan that the maid was also a prostitute and wanted to know if Duncan need her services. Duncan handed the maid the pineapple knife and told her to leave because all of the prostitutes in Port Red Dog had HIVS. Looking out the window, Duncan saw that Port Red Dog was surrounded by razor wire, and most of the homes were mobile homes that could be moved back as the waters kept rising. From his window, Duncan could see the Yellow Jacket dealers, with lines of people waiting to get a fix. He looked in the mini fridge, and saw some strange kind of meat, which he left alone because Port Red Dog was known for selling Human meat, and Duncan did not want to take the chance of consuming human body parts. Anything that walked or flew or crawled was on the menu at Port Red Dog. there was one benefit to the hotel room though, a Telly screen with cable television, something Duncan had not seen for years. He turned on the telly and watched an old Doctor Who show. He would be confined to the hotel room for a week before the militia men came to take him to Bolder.