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    David, I am finding that the book is pretty much like the other one million beginning books on Druidry, so there is not going to be too much new here. It is starting to look like the book is now decending into Neo paganism, a one world religion, but I think there still might be some jewels of wisdom in it. She does talk about the druid festivals, and I think that they would be some great fun to go to. There is also a video on YouTube that shows the druid summer camp at Glastonbury and I think chief Greywolf is in it playing music, and everyone is happy and getting their druid on. Just google obod summer camp. I think they are going to cancel the summer camp this year, but maybe next year you can go. Yeah, stay away from the expensive books, and don’t waste your money. Plus, always try to buy used. A lot of this stuff is for free on the internet now. I was just real interested in this book because Bobcat was one of the founders of the BDO, and I will say Bobcat has charmed me with her writing style.I am pretty sure that Chief Graywolf is a member of the OBOD. I think I remember seeing one of his posts on their site. As I understand it, the obod has over 20 thousand members, and their courses go for about $450 US dollars a pop. So $450 times 20,000 =$ 9,000,000 US dollars, and if each of the twenty thousand members took 3 courses, that would be $27,000,000 that the OBOD took in. Not bad for a non-profit. Plus they sell books on the OBOD website. Also there are now some really intense books out on magic. One of them that I found real strange is An Carrow Gwyn, sorcery and the ancient faerie faith, by Robin Artisoson. Artiisson is a shaman, and he gives instructions on how to do a breaching spell in the book. A breaching spell is a spell that will open other dimensions. It is some truly weird stuff, David. I buy most books in kindle form now because I like to be able to increase the print size, and I hate books that are in super small print. But one of the things nice about druidry is that you don’t need any books to be a druid, it is more important to just going out into nature, and being silent and listening. David, if you get a chance, go up to the Cairngorms in the NE Scotland highlands this summer. that place is really magical. I know you love your magical south of England, but Druidry was very big in the highlands and there is much more of it there than most people know of. Do check it out, and I think the living mountain by the Scottish writer Nan Shepherd is a good book. Best William