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    On board the Mac Lir, Duncan the druid had fallen into a deep sleep. He was dreaming about the start of the rising waters from global warming. For the first five years people had enjoyed the warmer weather in the north. And the oil companies were glad because they were no able to ship oil on tankers through the melting ice caps in the arctic. People in Britian enjoyed tropical weather all year long, no more cold British winters and people in Britain even started surfing year round. So there were no protests of any mention over global warming, but there were riots over food and the high cost of living and real estate. And in America life went on as normal, people kept driving the gas guzzling cars and trucks which were a way of life for red neck America. And as more people moved to the cities in search of work, there was more pollution from cars and planes. The vast fracking fields continue to leak methane, contributing to further global warming, and the factories continued to pollute the air. Along the coast of America, the salt water rose, and the crop fields along the east and west coast were no longer able to grow food because the soil was too salty to grow anything.the people who lived in The major cities like New York and London, and Washington, built sea walls and ran pumps 24 hours a day to keep the water out of their streets. Why had no one stopped the causes of global warming? Duncan woke up and felt his face on fire. He had gotten a very bad sunburn, and when he looked in the mirror in his cabin, he saw his face was bright red, Red as an apple. He heard a knock at his cabin door. “We will be pulling into port red dog soon,” said the voice on the otherwise of the cabin door.