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    The wealthy had thought they were safe in the mountains. They had stockpiled food as the waters had started to rise. The horror of so many dying from starvation as global warming quickly came upon the world was too much to take,
    so the wealthy just turned their minds to other things, gambling, old movies, drinking. That was was until the souls and spirits of all the dead took revenge. It was described as a darkness, a black cloud, and it would make you feel sick as it came around, sick and terrified.
    Was it Karma, or revenge by the earth spirits? The global warming could have been easily stopped but no one did much of anything. And now the super rich could not protect themselves from the Narhulan, a race born from the grief and loss of so many people. When the Narhulan came at night, there were always members of the super rich who were missing in the morning. Weapons could not protect the super rich. Only the druids goodness and magic could protect the super rich, and Duncan the druid had been asked to go to Bolder Colorado to help the super rich. He agreed to go, but only if the super rich would agree to sign the ecodollar agreement, An agreement where all future currency would be based on how green a country was. fracking would be illegal forever, and travel by jet was prohibited from now on, there would be no more cars or gas pick up trucks. Futher all power must be green power. Yes, it was too late to save all of the people and all of the land on earth, But maybe something could be salvaged. And there was still no guarantee that the druids could stop the Narhulans, who were angry. But one thing had changed, there were no more atheist, and everyone on the planet had woken up to the fact that the spiritual world is real. Then even more darkness fell. When the super rich closed their eyes at night, all they saw was terror and death in their dreams, face after face of starved people who had died because of global warming arose in the eyes of the global warmmers’ minds. Twenty years is all it had taken for the waters to flood Flordia, and parts of India. Where there were once deserts, now there were seas, seas where the orange green slime seaweed grew. And the hurricanes and tornados were now part of life, super hurricanes with winds that ripped iron buildings down. Duncan the druid prepared to go aboard the druid sailboat, the Mac Lir, and set sail for Bolder. this all could have been prevented, thought Duncan. Why didn’t they do anything to stop the global warming? Would the druid spells stop the Narhulan? A lone osprey flew over the deck of the Mac Lir as it left port.