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    rainbow colors shimmered in the oil slick surf as Duncan the druid waded out to the large gray seal that had a saddle on its back tied on with hemp rope. Climbing on the seal’s back, Duncan was glad to be leaving zone 9 and headed for the isle of Snowden where the druids and witches had gathered as the waters started rising. There had still been hope then that the world leaders would come to their senses and stop the air pollution that was causing the planet to heat up. If only the druids and witches had tried harder thought Duncan as the seal slid through the water. But what more could the druids and witches have done? It was the world bankers who had based the value of the worlds currencies on the exchange of oil and gas. they didn’t have to. It truth, they could have based the currency value on anything, the number of rocks in a country, or the number of coconuts that a county grew. The Petrodollar was a Macguffin, a meaningless prop to further the plot in a Hitchcock movie. The druids and witches had thought that as the super rich people who controlled the currency values would come to their senses as the water started to rise and the golfing estates and expensive sea side villas went under water, but the super rich just moved to higher ground and went on flying planes, and fracking the earth, sucking the gas out of the earth at any cost. The super rich did not understand the druid concept of reincarnation and karma, and that the super rich would have to pay for their destruction of the earth when they would be reborn in the next life. They did not understand that the soul is indestructible. Soon, duncan saw Snowden on the horizon, an island that had once been a mountain sacred to the druids and witches.