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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    GreyFalcon Wrote: ” I hope you will experience the Celtic otherworld and become a true believer in its existence, because that is when you will know that you are a Celtic Druid, and not just a Neo-pagan. We will need to help of the Celtic otherworld to defeat the evil forces of the Global warming corporations. We must beat on our drums, and write our poems and stories, and sing our songs to stop the global warming legions. Stand up against these evil men who want to destroy our planet for their own profit. ”

    Bobcat goes into that sort of thing in her ‘Living With Honor’ Book. I recall her writing about how there are all sorts of People who make the same statements at Druid Camps and then Drive Home in Luxury SUVs.

    So from that, I have found that what you said is easy to say but Hard to put into Practice. I know because I drive a 98 Chevy Lumina that has a Slow Oil Leak. That makes me feel sort of Ashamed of myself especially since I used to be a Card Carrying Member of Canada’s Green Party.