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    Thanks David and Dowrgi, it helps to know other druids are also concerned about this very serious ecological disaster that is happening to our planet. I just think it is later than we think and that the government has been lying to us about how far along the global warming is. I know that the U.S government lied to us about the Covid-19 because they did not want to collapse the stock market prices. The permafrost is melting and releasing lots of CO2 gas and the fracking is just unbelievable in the USA. The fracking sites release methane gas my the truckload because they all leak, and the fracking destroys the ground water forever. It is beyond insane what they are doing. I understand you are not in the USA, but we are all connected on this planet, and what happens in the USA and other countries does destroy the world environment. I don’t even know if a world without animals and where there is not room for forests and the faerie folks to live is something that is even livable for anyone. Meanwhile the super rich are preparing for the global flood and the heating up of the environment. They keep flying their private lear jets and have bought land on the high ground. This is such a big issue, and I know we all feel like we are too small to do anything. And I think many people have taken the attitude drink, eat, vacation, and me merry for it is all going to be over soon on the planet earth. But we cannot afford to take that attitude. We have to have hope. As druids I think we need to be involved with this effort to save the world. I feel that our chief, Chief Greywolf is all for doing things that will prevent further global warming. All people and animals have an equal right to live a life of freedom on this planet. We all should have clean air to breath and fresh clean water to drink. And we all should be able to walk in the forest, or swim in a pollution free ocean. This is our big challenge in life. May the witches and druids unite in this effort and may the Neo-pagan groups like the OBOD also get behind this battle to save our world. May or prayers and energy and spells be cast to stop global warming, as it harms none, and in a peaceful way.