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    I agree about being careful of use of the word ‘druid’. There is natural wisdom, sacred wisdom, ancient spirit wisdom in each region of the world and human society arranged themselves around that with reference to particular geographies or different phases of Ice Age or water/land topography. It has become very trendy to be a druid but in a way has become a meaningless term if used either for a global practice or for anyone in a locality regardless of natural aptitude, specific training, beliefs held or other options. Wiccan practice is also a pagan (a Christian term of course) practice and is different to druid practice yet the two have become almost interchangeable, Wicccan, Druid, whatever… tried that now I’ll try Druid. I agree that Druid was specific to Celtic regions and NW Europe specifically although as a proto Druid druidry was before the Celts arrived and many stone circles were in place and use before Celts c. 2,500 BCE. Britain has its own long history just as every other region and despite Roman historians having a clear agenda in their writing the fact is they are primary sources, many different writers knew about the druids and the land – just as Native Americans and Aborigines have their land – was NW Britain, hence the disaster in history in 43 CE when the feared druids were overrun by the superior Roman technology. It is mentioned folk in black at that time and wearing primary colours of black for more earth practice, herbal workers etc who know about the moon and white for the solar marking – logical because no human can change the logical course of the Sun, is a simple and respectful differentiation, but even in our local parts, wearing of black and white has become mixed up. Who would want to be an original druid today? Law, philosophy, 20 years of study? Druids were known as philosophers, not druidry as a philosophy and that I find has become the confusion over the last 2,000 years. Nowadays in modern society we all have the luxury of being in different philosophies or beliefs, back then the function was god and a philosopher priest was part of the function of the region, an equal part just as everyone else, but different. Of course with Roman and then Christian trajectories who knows what might have been, but the original is not hidden from view and I for one am in favour of a return to the original simplicity. Anne Milligan