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    We will need to help of the Celtic otherworld to defeat the evil forces of the Global warming corporations. We must beat on our drums, and write our poems and stories, and sing our songs to stop the global warming legions. Stand up against these evil men who want to destroy our planet for their own profit. Do not be afraid of them. Make your voices heard against the global corporations that are heating up the planet and trying to bring an end to life on earth. there is hope and we must not role over and die. Our stories and songs and writing can change the world, and they can save the world.The black riders, the nazgul, are approaching and have been seen in the kingdoms. Mordor is filling the atmosphere with green house gases. And we must also make it illegal to patent seed. Seed is owned by nature not genetically modified food corporations. Let your voices be heard druids and witches. We have to try. Every druid and witch ritual of the changing wheel of the year should have a anti global warming message attached to it. We can not blindfold ourselves to the coming danger. WE can not act like it is not happening. We are like Luke Skywalkers against the galactic empire. May the force be with us. May we have the knowledge of Yoda to help us. This is the time for druids and witches to be the heroes we have always been. To be the ones who convince the world’s kings and queens that the time is now to stop global warming. Every druid gathering from now on must have some protest against global warming as part of the ceremony. There will be no future for the children of earth if we do not stand together against global warming. Stop playing golf, and start working for a world without fossil fuels. WE already have the technology to get off the gas. And each druid’s and witche’s prayers, and voice can help to save the world. Think about all the animals that will die from global warming. the black riders are approaching, and there is a foul smell to the air. THIS IS HAPPEnING FOR REAL, IT IS NOT AN EPIC MOVIE. We will not give up the fight to stop global warming.
    We will save this planet.