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    No, Greyfalcon is not Greywolf.Do not confuse the two. I took the name Greyfalcon after having a visit from a falcon, and I found the visit to be very spiritual. I took the falcon as my power animal. I think the visit from the falcon was from the Celtic otherworld. I have found the Celtic Gods and Goddesses often communicate with me in the form of birds. I alway see an owl before the death of anyone in my family. when I hear crows outside my house, I know it is a sign for me to sit tight that day and not go out if I don’t absolutely have to. It is always a warning sign of danger, a foretelling of the future. 3×3, it is my firm belief and I say that with all conviction that as a Celtic Druid I believe in the Celtic otherworld as a very real place. I think all druids, who are real Celtic druids, and not Neo-pagans, believe that there is a Celtic otherworld and that they can travel to it, and that it is a very real place. In fact, I don’t think a person can call himself or herself a Celtic druid if they do not believe in the Celtic otherworld. Greywolf has had spiritual experiences with a wolf and that is where I think he got his name, and I think a wolf is his power animal. But, people change, and you would have to ask him about that. I do not speak for Greywolf. I wake up each morning and remember, and tell myself, that the Celtic otherworld is very close to me, and is a part of my life. further, I believe in the faeries and have a lot of contact with the faery world. I hope you will experience the Celtic otherworld and become a true believer in its existence, because that is when you will know that you are a Celtic Druid, and not just a Neo-pagan. We will need to help of the Celtic otherworld to defeat the evil forces of the Global warming corporations. We must beat on our drums, and write our poems and stories, and sing our songs to stop the global warming legions. Stand up against these evil men who want to destroy our planet for their own profit. Do not be afraid of them. Make your voices heard against the global corporations that are heating up the planet and trying to bring an end to life on earth. there is hope and we must not role over and die. Our stories and songs and writing can change the world, and they can save the world.The black riders, the nazgul, are approaching and have been seen in the kingdoms. Mordor is filling the atmosphere with green house gases. And we must also make it illegal to patent seed. Seed is owned by nature not genetically modified food corporations. I am a Celtic druid who does have beliefs and convictions, and I am not a Neo-pagan.