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    emptiness, for a buddhist this word means that all things are connected, meaning all things are in relationship to each other, nothing is by itself. But people in the west see the word emptiness and think that buddhist think there is really nothing in the world when buddhist practice emptiness. Also, I have even heard people tell me, college professors no less, that the buddhist think all is nothing and that buddhist don’t have feelings. How wrong that college professor was. Buddhist do cry if something happens to their friends. Buddhist have feelings. Buddhist see a sense on oneness in the universe. They know that all things are constantly changing. The buddhist idea of soul is a little bit harder to understand. They do believe in reincarnation, but it is a bit confusing how they look at it. And I don’t really understand their views on it. I alway feel that the buddhist don’t get too hung up on things. And all the meditation that they do, must make it easy for them to experience the otherworld and other dimensions. The buddhist do have gods and goddesses but that is also complicated. Much of the buddhist religion is still a mystery to people in the west. Buddhism seems to be somewhat like Celtic Druidism but I think there are some real differences. I also like buddhism because it makes me aware that money is not everything. Still in this world money does talk and many people want money so that they will feel powerful. As druids our prayers and thoughts do change the world. We are going to all have to do what we can to stop global warming. All things are connected, follow the oneness, the wholeness. A great deal of Buddhism is about ending suffering, self suffering and the suffering of the people in the world. The eightfold path can help you to end your suffering. As druids I think we are very respectful and open to religions like buddhism and many druids incorporate some parts of buddhism into their practice.