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    I feel that buddhism is also about acceptance, being able to accept the way the world is. And I am all for peace, and aboard that peace train. Still, the way it is going with global warming, there are going to be millions of deaths in 10 years time and the water is rising much faster than the governments are letting on. Many people will lose their homes and world wide starvation will take place. People have to educate themselves about what is causing global warming in order to stop it. And the reason for global warming is the Petrodollar. The petrodollar is a rule that all oil and gas must be bought and traded for in US currency. The value of the US currency is based on the petrodollar. Recently, China, has been trading petroleum in the Yuan. As you can guess, this devalues the US currency which is based on the petrodollar. No, gold does not back the US dollar or the British pound. Everything is backed by the price of the petrodollar. All the wars over the last 60 years have been fought over the petrodollar. If a country tries to trade petroleum in currency other than the US dollar, they will find themselves in a war and their government will be overrun, and a new government that will honor the U.S. currency petrodollar will replace them. So, as you can see, there is no incentive to stop using fossil fuels because it would collapse the world economy. First, the value of currency needs to be based on something other than the petrodollar. In dealing with people trying to hurt you. 1st secure your own safety, second call the police. and only use as much force as you need to to secure your own safety. I think we can all learn a lot from the buddhist, but we also must educate ourselves about what are the real motivations and drives behind global warming. We need to write a story of hope and one not of the apocalypse. Our dreams of a better world, our hope for the future, our vision of a clean and renewable energy world can come true, but following the christian story only leads to the end to time. Jesus is not coming back, and it is time we look after ourselves. We need to write new and hopeful bibles to follow, stories are powerful and create reality. I am against violence, but I am not against self defense, or standing up for yourself. Buddha thought for himself and did not follow the hinddu story. We all need to think for ourselves. The world will not end over a battle for the rights of the nation of Israel, but it will end if we do not do something about global warming.