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    Hi David, It is not just the hawthorn that makes the tea work. Trying to get all kinds of herbs from an herb store would take some time so the best way to make the tea is to just buy Celestial Seasonings Sleepy time tea and something like Celestial Seasonings red zinger or very cherry berry. I used about six tea bags per cup and drank it twice a day. Another thing you can do is to charge the herbs with a prayer or a spell, asking the faeries and the Celtic Gods and goddesses and the elementals to empower the herbs with more spirit. See this is the whole thing, you have to understand it is the power of the spirit in the herbs that is important, the spirit in the herbs is what fights the spirit in the disease. But don’t try telling that to anyone who is not a druid or a witch, because they will think you are crazy or off your medication, or taking something illegal.
    I have found it is not even worth wasting the time on the muggles because they are so sure they understand how the world works, it is very mechanistic with them. It is just not worth wasting your time on try ing to explain the magic world to them, they don’t get it. Now as far as the echidna, I am not sure. Look you also need to get a book on herbs and be sure that the herbs will not harm a person. Some people have liver and organ damage, or may be pregnant, and some herbs are not to be taken by them because the herbs can make the people really sick or even kill them. I think the herbs in the celestial seasonings tea are all pretty safe for most people. Also, since you are in England, I really suggest you go down to Glastonbury and check out some to the witch and herb shops there. Glastonbury lies on a major world Ley line. It is a very very magical place. Until you experience Ley line energy, you probably will not understand a lot about magic. Further, magic spells done on Ley lines are like 20 times more powerful, and it is easy to raise a spiral cone of energy around a Ley line. Glastobury attracts witches and druids from all over the world. Plus you will probably have some very prophetic dreams there is you spend like a week there. As for divination, probably the simplest way is to just use a scrying bowl, and that should be easy to make. the idea, is that time in not linear like most people think, but time is more like a spiral with many things going on at the same time, past, present, and future. Most of magic is about seeing things differently. But again, caution, the muggles do not believe in magic and will think you are crazy if you start talking about it around them. However they do like the Harry Potter books, but that is not because they like magic, it is because it takes them back to their childhood when things were magic, before they were brow beaten into not believing in magic. David you are in a part of the world that has a great deal of Neo Pagan activity in it. So, try to meeting talk to the witches and druids who know about herb craft in England. They should be easy to find, And there are even some great book stores in London that you can go to lectures at and will meet other people who can really fill you in on the power of herbs. The rider-waite tarot deck is very effective and is a good oracle, but it takes a lot of time to learn and is based on the Kabbalah and the Egyptian pantheon. And make no doubt, the Egyptian gods are still going strong. The golden dawn loved the rider-waite. But for Celtic Druids like me, our religion comes a lot from the faery races in Scotland and Ireland, and we have nothing to do with the Egyptians. A lot of the Egyptian magic came from the antiquarians in the late 19th century, and early 20th century. Crowley, himself, was influenced by some type of Egyptian god or goddess who visited his wife while they were in Egypt. But Crowley was not a druid, he was a heroine addicted witch, and in my opinion used black magic to manipulate people–no hero of mine. So go and spend time as Glastonbury, and go camping at some other magical places in Scotland and Ireland. You will start to discover the natural power, of magic. Also, you may want to join a witch group in England, just to take part in some of the magic circle casting. The witches raise a cone of power, and once you have experienced it, you will see magic in a whole new way. May you walk in oneness.