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david poole

    I would like to see your recipe for the hawthorn tea GreyFalcon, that sounds like a very healing brew. I am very interested in healing an learning how to use the natural properties of plants to make people better. I might need something like this brew myself at some point. What is your opinion on echinea, I have been told that this is very useful for relieving cold flu symptoms. I like owls too, they are a very sacred animal. I think they are here to present special messages from the realm of the nature spirits. I tend not to use divination myself and have nothing to do with the Egyptian pantheon, I think may of our modern pagan practices really come from there and that we have made our lives too complicated by using bits and pieces of many different traditions. Blanching as I understand it has to do with a person’s face losing its colour, so the blood drains away from your face and you go white. The hawthorn is huath, which is represented by a single vertical line with a single stroke to the left about half way up. I am glad that you managed to get over the virus GreyFalcon.