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    That is just wonderful David that you are starting to feel more of an affinity towards animals. I am too ever since I really started thinking of myself as a druid. And I think the animals feel more of an affinity towards us if they sense we are druids. I mean, all is one. I will post back on that hawthorn, because that is a really magical tree. but let me look at Chief Graywolf’s cards really quick and see what he wrote on the druid ogam oracle cards, which I am starting to really like and enjoy because they have the ogam symbol on them and the tree that goes with it. He said on the box that that,” This oracle set is based on the 25-letter ogam alphabet developed in Ireland between the 2nd and 4th centuries CE,” and I am sure he is correct because Chief Graywolf is a known expert on druid lore and myth and history. He does know his stuff and we are all really fortunate to have him as our chief. Also these cards are not as difficult to use as the golden dawn’s waite deck. And there are not any Egyptian gods or goddesses in the Greywolf oracle card deck. He has Hawthorn as h-huath and [fear] and I don’t know why he has fear in there, then he has blanching of face, boundaries, and I get boundaries because the hawthorn is used for hedges, and then he has pack of wolves written on the card. And when he uses pack of wolves I am thinking he means it in a really good way, like a group that supports each other. Like he loves and looks after all of us druid wolves in the BDO wolf pack. I don’t know what he means by blanching of face. All these short phrases are written on the card and there is a picture of hawthorn leaves and the ogam, which looks like a sideways T. ANYWAY, the cards are a great way to learn about the ogam and the trees at the same time. But the hawthorn is surely an otherworld tree and the faeries always have them growing around their mounds, faery forts. Also, be sure to never harm a hawthorn unless you are a certified hedge person, and you need to get certified by the British government, or the Scottish government now, or the Irish. But be sure to never cut a hawthorn that is standing alone in the middle of a field, for the faeries like to hang out in them. I remember a post by Dowrgi not long ago where he was talking about how the British government was forced to build a road around a lone hawthorn tree because it was a hawthorn that was used by the faeries. I really think that the hawthorn has the most lore around it of any of the druid trees and the berries feed a great many animals in the fall and winter. Further, my recipe for tea, star-tee tea for flue, has hawthorn leaves in it. And I think that tea made of hawthorn leaves can help people who get this Covid 19. I got the Covid-19 and drinking tea made from hawthorn leaves helped me get over it quickly. Manny Blessings Star-tree