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    I found my Druid Ogham Oracle cards by Graywolf and I lost the booklet to them a long time ago. But that should not be a problem. Any questions you want me to look up for you? Maybe I should ask what direction should the BDO be going in. there is no reason to think these puppies will not work. I will do a one card pull on what direction the BDO should be going in. I pulled the ed-eadha popular card , and the answers on it are, appropriate action, discerning tree, admonishing an infirm one. and the ogam looks like a little star, Oh that is right, the tree I forgot about the other day was a tulip popular, you know the one on the little tree sign, But the poplar has a whole lot of other meanings too. so when I find my ogam book I will get back to this. Now let me ask another question. Can druidry make the world a better place? the card please. I got ae- phagos-beech card, three answers on card are, refrain of sickness, giving something back, and movement of a sick person, so I guess the answer is yes druidry can make the world a better place. So see the cards are already starting to work. Get a set and tell me if they speak to you. Oh one more question. Will I find a girlfriend in the next 6 months? I pulled t- tine- holly, and the three answers, are hope, a good portion, and fires of coal. I don’t know what to make of that one, but I like the hope. fires of coal could mean she could be a red head. a good portion, I don’t know what that means but my clan sign is the holly, maybe I have a chance.