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    I feel like every tribe or culture discovers natural earth magic. I mean it is really not that difficult to understand. And when they do, they form some kind of religion around it. And that is all that the Neo Pagan movement is. Whether it is called druidry or Wiccan, it is all pretty much the same stuff. It is about learning how to use earth energy and some ethics of magic. I don’t think that the very early druids knew one thing that we don’t know now. But druidry does have the Celtic culture attached to it. And living a druid lifestyle does bring us closer to our relationships with all of our relationships in nature. But more than that, how do druids deal with the whole forgiveness scam that the Christian Church has running. Look, I think we all make mistakes because we are all a bit ignorant, and after we make a mistake we learn from it. I just don’t think that you should go out and sin even week, and then ask for forgiveness on Sunday, so you can go do the same thing again the next week. The idea of Karma works better for me, and keeps me walking the line. And karma is probably a hindu or buddhist concept, so I find that Neo pagans are a bit of a mix of all kinds of spiritual ideas that were floated in the early 60s and 70s, but if you do some more research the stuff was floated as early as the 1920s in America. druidry is an alternative lifestyle that just seems to make more sense, but it is probably not for the keep it White bread and hotdog simple that most people live by. Druids tend to be a wee bit deep thinkers and philosophers. and we are all rebels. And dammit, don’t even think about telling us that we have to do something, because our response is no, we don’t have to do anything that we don’t want to, so the we can’t be bossed around. Plus we are not afraid like most people and will pull up our kilts and moon anyone who tries to turn us into slaves. Sometimes this does not work, however, like at the battle of Culloden, but at least the Scottish had the right idea, and if they had gotten some better arms they would have won, I think there was a kind of feeling that all they would need was some pointy sticks against the well armed British. That should have been thought out a little more.