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    I recently started studying falconry, and I went out walking in the the Virginia Pocaohontos state park today just before the park closed, when it starts getting dark enough to have to use your headlights, and when I got back to the parking lot, it was empty for except a falcon peached on top of my Jeep Wrangler. Tell me that is not weird. Things like this happen to druids because we are more connected up with the natural world. I am starting to think all druids are Neo pagans. We are so similar to the witches and the other Neo pagan groups that there just is not that much difference. It is kind of like Coke and Pepsi, both are just about the same.
    Not that I drink Coke or Pepsi, but everyone knows what I am talking about. So modern druidism is slanted towards the Celtic stories, with a bit of new age, a splash of pop psychology, some Celtic pantheon gods and goddesses, a cup of zen, a wee bit of faery lore and herb lore, a drop of history, and a bag full of natural earth magic. And I am glad there are no bull sacrifices involved in it, because it makes me steaming mad when people hurt animals for any reason. Well, I also don’t really like the term Neo pagan, and I like the term Neo religion better, Neo spiritual, for the fact is none of us are pagans in the sense that we are people living on the edge of civilization, in fact I find that Druids and witches are some of the most intelligent people I have ever met. and where is the imogi button menu? the falcon was beautiful and I felt very blessed to have seen it. Also, when I was walking a new path, some of trees had little signs on them that told me what kind of tree they were, I saw white oak, red oak, southern beech, dogwood, and something else, but I love that kind of stuff. I also saw a bunny, and I love bunnies. So the seeing the bunny made me happy. And everyone in the park was so happy to be outside today, because they have all been sheltering in place. So, I hope you all can get out into nature everyday, for it is really healing. Plus , walking the other way on one path were four little elves who each had an elf staff, well at least they looked like elves.
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