Reply To: Release of Bardic Materials


    If anyone is still having difficulties with course access, the fastest way to resolution is to email me direct on techsupport [at] We have had, I am sorry to say, a number of issues with the new system. The old system was entirely written by myself and while it was simple and worked, it was over a decade old, out of date and inflexible. Those who paid in installments only had the option of paying every tow months as each package was released. The new system was intended to create a lot more flexibility, but we have had a lot of teething problems for which I can only apologise.

    For clarity, however one opts to pay, packages are released every two months. The reason for this is that the material is, though it may not always seem to be, pretty deep, and requires time to internalise before moving on. It can’t be rushed.

    The new system has the advantages of offering monthly payments which a lot of people had been asking for for a long time as it clearly suited contemporary income patterns. But, as I say, we have had significant teething problems. I am very much hoping these are now past us and I am dealing with picking up the problems that people have had rather than new issues. Email me and I will deal with you personally. But remember, we are all volunteers so I can’t attend to the BDO technical issues every day on top of my day job, I do get to them as soon as I can.

    Bendithion xx /|\