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    David, we should all always stay at a catma stage, like zen buddhist, a beginners mind. Fresh and open to new ideas and new ways of seeing the old everyday world. And as far as animal qualities, Yes, Look at the falcons, they are predators, and an important part of the ecosystem because without them things would not stay in balance. What beautiful animals, and if you ever get a chance, stare into their eyes. Fortunately, for you, there are many falconry clubs in merry old England, and you should take advantage of that and go to a falconry event and see the falcons in action. I know that in the Middle Ages that falconry was only for the rich , and the penalty for stealing a falcon, was that you were held down, and a falcon used its beak to rip 6 ounces of flesh from your chest. But now there are many people who are into falconry and to see the birds dive at over 100 miles per hour is just wonderful. I am learning all about falconry right now, so as I learn about their great qualities I will post them on this post. Working and living close to the animals in nature, like falcons and pigs and horses, is something that really we have lost in modern city life. At one time hunting was a tribal event and we used falcons and dogs to hunt with, now people just use guns. Falconry for beginners by Lee Harris is a great book on falconry, and you should be able to check it out of the lending Library for Lee lives in England. Great questions, and may you always keep a zen beginners mind. Best Star Tree