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david poole

    I think that OBOD is a neopagan group but I don’t think that that aspect is pushed very hard on either the course or in their videos, one is simply encouraged to participate in very gentle, spiritual exercises which is absolutely fine, this is very tranquil and peaceful and helps to restore calm which is something which we all often need. In person and in face to face encounters, I believe that neopaganism is the strongest belief within OBOD and that the most active and influential members are very earth centred. Nothing happens which forces people to take this direction, it is simply encouraged by some members meaning that there is a general slant towards earth centred spirituality. Intellectually the work of OBOD can be of a very high standard, OBOD tends to be more involved in academic research and projects; Ronald Hutton is barely the tip of that, look at OBOD resources like their library or the works written by their members and you will see a great deal of thought and creativity has been applied which may have a wider influence upon readers of a spiritual inclination.