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    I was outside yesterday, standing under two great holly trees when from a dead stillness a great wind arose. I new immediately that it was the air sylphs playing with us, so I just set
    up a protective bubble around me and my friend. And I think that the hollies helped with the energy of the protective bubble because the energy appeared purple to me. But then agin,
    the wind arose so suddenly and so strong that I did not have time to think about what color the protective bubble should be. While the wind was shaking all the trees and was very loud,
    inside the protective bubble it was perfectly still and very peaceful. Another example of this is when I was in the grocery store the other day and I was standing on line. A very rough
    mean man wanted something in my isle and brushed right up against me to get it. On his way back, I set up a protective bubble around me, and the man kept his distance as he walked around
    the protective bubble made of light energy. But this is something that most Neo pagans know how to do, and really is nothing new to being a Celtic Druid. The Neo pagan religion is a earth based
    region, meaning it is religion where its members are aware of the earth energy and interact with it. So, in many instances there is no need to have gods or goddesses involved in earth based
    magic and this is one of the reasons that the Neo pagans are on the rise. The other reason is the World Wide Web. I just don’t think that the old abrahamic religions will hold as the global
    warming starts rising the waters. And we Celtic druids know that the waters will rise very high, high enough to cover the lochs, because we have Celtic druid prophecy that says it will. The large corporations
    are already buying the high land in Colorado, and millions and millions will die as the water quickly starts to rise. In 30 years it will be very apparent in places like Florida that global warming
    is real, and it may be too late to stop it. Plus much of the rain forest is being cut down. And don’t forget to look up what the petrodollar is if you don’t know what it is. So, I can see how many people are turning to Neo Pagan groups. And we have to add in technology, that has not
    been invented yet that might make it possible for the government to read our thoughts. This idea is not so SciFi anymore. I do think that the Fluoride in the water was put in by the government so as
    to make people easier to control, and not vital fluids, like in Dr. Strangelove. but there is hope, Because the Celtic Druids can change the world dream, the otherworld, as above so below. WE have
    to start rewriting the astral story, the cosmic story. The eight festivals celebrating the turn of the sun does help and are becoming more and more important to honor. I am not against the neopagans, I am just wondering
    how different they are from the Celtic Druids because I do not think we are the same thing, even though we have many things in common. And it is not possible to make and informed decision on whether a group
    is a neo pagan group or a Celtic Druid group until all of the groups training material has been reviewed. If you have been a member of the OBOD, I want to know if you think they are a Neo pagan group or a Celtic
    Druid group. The Neo pagan groups are hidden in secrecy and it is difficult to know what they believe or don’t believe. Are they working for a one world order as they say all are welcome? I will end this post
    with a Celtic Druid health advisory, you need to get a water filter that will take the fluoride out of your tap water. You will find that after you have gotten the fluoride out of your body, you will start to think
    clearer and not be such a pushover. Also, stop smoking and get somewhere where the air is clean if you can. Clean air and pure water are important in magic. Druids don’t smoke because it is the worst thing
    they can do for themselves. Druidry is about making your life better, and you can start with clean air and water. Also get off drugs, lie crack and meth, if you are dependent on them. Drug abuse usually comes
    from some deep hurt you have had in life, and the drugs numb the pain. But it is better to shine a light on what has caused the pain, than to keep numbing it out of consciousness. Goddesses speed. Star Tree