Reply To: I have been a string on a harp


    In the modern druid world there will always be bullies who want to make themselves feel important by putting other people’s belief in the otherworld down. Bullies like this have low self-esteem and usually are very hurt people. So, they find a druid group and then go to work trying to harass and put down all the real druids who do believe in the otherworld, and faeries, and celtic gods and goddesses. Bullies feel powerful when they are using history or language To try to destroy real druids and witches beliefs in the otherworld. They make assaults on our very spiritual lives. The bullies strive to get magical merit badges in order to make themselves feel powerful. Even more, there is no way stop to them, because they are the kind of people who feed off negative energy, like vampires. The more powerful they feel, the more nastier they get, they never stop. Bullies remind me of Gollum in the lord of the rings. They go around making little evil veiled comments on everyone who is spiritual, attacking while they long for their precious, their power. Still, maybe there is hope for bullies in the druid world, maybe we should not become too scared of their negativity, because they may have some part like Gollum to play in the larger world picture. We can learn from the bully, and not be like them.
    Plus, what the bully does not understand is that they are creating bad Karma, and are not really getting away with anything when they make their endless veiled attacks on spiritual people, bullies shooting speeding arrows at our very souls and spiritual way of life. Do not let these people take your spirituality. Remember, what goes around comes around, and the bullies will never win. And no matter how they try to destroy your spiritualty, remember that the otherworld is all around you, and that the faeries, and Celtic gods and goddesses are real, and that the Celtic gods and goddesses know what the bullies are up to, and so does the faery world. We as druids are strings on the harp, and we have the right to live our spiritual and magical lifestyle.
    Best Star Tree