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    also David, learning Wicca depends on where you want to go with being a druid, I just want to be a druid bard, so I really don’t need to be studying Wicca, Wicca is more of an ovate deal, and if you want to be a druid, you need to study shamanism, which is traveling to the otherworld to learn stuff for the grove. So, it all depends on where you want to take it, and what your image of being a druid is. Is it an old man with a long white beard, or an academic with tenure? Or a skyclad druid with long hair and hippy beads dancing around a bonfire with 30 other druids on Beltain. It is up to you, and you decide which is an illusion. Happy hunting for magic plants in the enchanted forest. But some druids just want ritual because it makes them feel safe, like getting into mom’s station wagon after a long hike in the woods, and knowing that all is well and you will soon be back in civilization and away form those dang blood sucking midges. Ritual gives many people a sense of community and safety. People are druids for all kinds of reasons, and some just are looking for friends and community. So, much of being a druid depends on your intentions and what you want from it. Again, I just want to be a druid bard and write and play my harp and fiddle and guitar and hang with druids and druidesses, who seem to be as weird as I am, and who have had many experiences with the otherworld. In some ways I am like a druid X-man, and like being around others who are also X-men. I guess that is why I like the witches so much, I am half in this world an half in the other, or in both at the same time, depending on the moon. Because it is very hard to explain what the upper world is like to people who have never taken a ride on the spinning spiral stairs, or climbed down the roots of the world tree. But, many druids get it, and understand exactly what I am talking about, and they understand when I am using poetic satirical metaphors to describe things and actions. however there are always druids who need to grow some leaves on their oak tree, and who see being a druid as a competition for magical merit badges, an ego self image, whereas I see it as being a poetic journey to a more creative life where freedom and expression is not pruned and stripped of its imaginative life- giving bark, a breath of fresh air, a faery song, a dance in the moonlight.