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    poetry helps to make us whole. Hoelan,is and anglo Saxon word for poetry, and it means to make whole. There are many things that we can never heal from, but when can learn how to live with them, and this is what a bard does. He or she heals through poetry, and heals others through poetry. Poetry can also heal people from guilt by letting them look at the causes, and see that if they had had more knowledge at the time, they would not have done stupid things, poetry can reframe. having guilt can destroy a person. So, poetry helps us live the best lives we can, and repressed thoughts can cause stress. Being a druid is all about living the best life you can, and writing poems and stories makes our life more meaningful. However, David, the early druids were probably a lot different than the Neo druids, and the early druid bards were probably more like court employees who were responsible for entertainment at the feast and making their chieftain seem like he is some big important guy. But that does not mean that druids who are around today have to be that way. We can write poems that shine light on the hurt, healing the wounds, and share the poems with other people, thus, making us all whole. Plus, I feel druids should practice telling stories and become good story tellers. We need to take the best of the old druidism and make it better. What I like most about the old stories is that as soon as you see a forest mentioned, you know that you are entering the otherworld, an enchanted place with white dogs who have red ears. We can find great inspiration in the old stories, once you know how to read them, for that takes some time. There are some great modern translation of the old poems and stories, more now than ever. And don’t forget the aural experience of poetry, which is part of the whole experience. I encourage to learn all you can about poetry forms, shapes, and sounds. For the most powerful force in the world is stories, and the story you follow will shape the future. And that is why it is important for druids to write new stories that lead us to an ecotopia instead of an Armageddon. Change starts with the stories, not the other way around. the most powerful weapon that a druid has is the ability to tell stories because that is how we will save the world from ecological destruction, and it is the stories and poems that will make us whole and healthy.