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    Chapter 8 gets very spiritual again. Chief Graywolf talks about the otherworld and traveling to the otherworld. He also talks about shape shifting and power animals. Further, he says that a druid can act as a, “bridge-builder, promoting understanding and reconciliation between different cultures or interests; many druids promote and take part in interfaith dialogues or work for peace between opposing factions.” (p.134, Druidry) In conclusion I think Druidry by Chief Graywolf is a mighty book, and shines a light on all the wonderful things in druidism, and the many views of the modern druids. I feel that each druid needs to decide for himself or herself what a druid is, and that no one should be forced into a belief system from peer pressure. The chief of the OBODIANS rages and screams about how druidry has no dogma, but what he does not understand is that dogma comes from what druid leaders and people in authority and in leadership positions say and write. So, in my opinion, the OBODIANS don’t have dogma, except for their dogma. I think that Chief Graywolf is a druid for the right spiritual reasons and that he is not trying to be some powerful leader. Chief Graywolf is a person who stands up for his beliefs and who is not afraid to talk about and share his otherworld experiences, and this takes great courage and bravery in a world where most folks do not believe in faeries, or celtic gods and goddesses, and power animals, and the otherworld. So the BDO is very lucky to have him in a leadership position. And as I understand it, Chief Graywolf has also been responsible for trying to bring peace among druid groups, who each want to put forth their agenda for modern druidism. Look, I think there is really no way around some of the facts of spiritual groups. There are always going to be people who fight for political power in a spiritual group, and who want to push their views on the rest of the group.
    I also feel that druids should try to work in small groves and not large mega groves like the OBODIANS. Further, I have found that if you go behind the scenes of the Christian Church, behind the Christian mask, there are some christians who have great hatred and distrust of the witches and the druids. The Christians have a very different view of what a druid or a witch is, and many Christians eschatological view is that we are all going to hell, and are part of the apocalypse. Further, don’t forget that the Christians just about wiped the druids and witches out, and they can do it again if the Christians feel that we are getting too powerful as a spiritual movement, so small is beautiful. And as for the druids changing the world, I would tell each druid to first work on changing yourself first. The druids and witches prayers and thoughts do change the worlds view on global warming, and also change the otherworld’s web, for all of life and nature is interconnected, but we are up against the petrodollar, the large industrial military complex, and the world wide domination of the Christian church and their end time stories. And if you don’t know what the petrodollar is, you need to look it up, and it will explain to you a lot about what is really going on in the world and why not much is being done by the USA to stop global warming. Most of all, I hope that druids will be open and honest about what their form of druidism is, and not hide their agenda in secrets, because when a group of druids have secrets, it makes people think that they are a cult, and cults can be demonized by the press. And group secrets are one of the key signs of a cult. Further, the pagan religion is a growing movement and will help many people live a better life. But each person should follow what he or she believes and not be drawn into a group just because the groups promises that if you join with them you will live a more happy and magical life. Also, in my opinion, I think that many of the Neo Druid groups are marketing their group to try to get more members, so the group leaders can get street cred in the religious corporate world. And remember a druid does not have dress in long white robes and grow a long white beard and only get their druid on at the festivals. A druid can dress in jeans and take a walk in the woods or go camping or plant a garden, druidry can become a lifestyle. I think druidism will always work best in small circles of friends and does not have to be some religious movement with a world headquarters the size of the Vatican. And you do not have to pay $450 dollars for a course to learn how to be a druid. One more thing, and then I will shut up, I have found that being a druid is a beautiful way of life and has made me very happy. Also, the things I have said in this review are only my opinions and are subject to change because they are only catmas and not dogmas. I think we should all stand with our brother and sister druids, druidesses, and witches. I have found great love and kindness and healing in the druid and witch community, and the witches have saved my life many times. But most of all, like Chief Graywolf said, we should be grateful, “as we follow the rushing stream back to its source, the well-spring of the the creative spirit.” (p. 139, Druidry) Best , and may you alway go with Awen, Star-tree