Reply To: Bookshelf


    David Poole provided a list of books and articles written by Greywolf and Bobcat, in conjunction with some others, which might be a useful reference to have here. If anyone spots any mistakes, please point them out.


    Druidry: A Practical and Inspirational Guide, Philip Shallcrass, Piatkus, (2000).

    Druidry: Rekindling the Sacred Fire, Philip Shallcrass (with Emma Restall Orr and others), BDO, (1996); revised editions 1999, 2002.

    A Catalogue of Occult Books, Philip Shallcrass, MRG, Hastings, (1978).

    A Druid Directory: A Guide to Druidry and Druid Orders, Philip Shallcrass, BDO (1995); with revised editions 1997, 2001 (with Emma Restall Orr).

    The Passing of the Year: A Collection of Songs and Poems, Spells and Invocations, Philip Shallcrass, BDO, (1997); reprinted 1999, 2001.

    The Story of Taliesin, Philip Shallcrass, BDO, (1997).

    Principles of Druidry, Emma Restall Orr, Thorsons, (1998).

    Living Druidry, Emma Restall Orr, Piatkus, (2004).

    Spirits of the Sacred Grove (Thorsons, 1998) (reprinted (2001) as Druid Priestess).


    The Remembering Soul: A Collection of Songs and Poems, Spells and Invocations, BDO (2001).
    Paganism Today, edited by Graham Harvey & Charlotte Hardman, Thorsons, (1995) reprinted as Pagan Pathways, Thorsons, (2000).
    The Druid Renaissance, edited by Philip Carr-Gomm, Thorsons, 1996, reprinted as The Rebirth of Druidry, Element, (2003).
    Talking Stick Magickal Journal, Issue I Vol.II, Talking Stick Publications, (1996).
    The Encyclopaedia of Modern Witchcraft and Neo-Paganism, edited by Shelley Rabinovitch and James Lewis, Citadel Press, New York, (2002).
    The Druids’ Voice: The Magazine of Contemporary Druidry, BDO, (1992-date)
    Tooth & Claw: Journal of the British Druid Order, BDO, (1995-date).