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    Hail Druid Dowrgi, First I would say I think that it is great that you question things, and that is a sign of a real druid. For a real druid will always think for himself or herself. So, let me try to respond to some of your questions. I think you can find the book for sale on the BDO cite. But Greywolf is Philip Shallcrass. So that should help. the book may be out of print, but you should be able to find a copy used, and be sure not to overpay for it. As far as the OBODIANS secret, I doubt very seriously that it is some profound secret. I think it is probably something that can be found in a million books on druidry. And I’m not buying it. There was a time when no one would write about magic and they all tried to keep things secret because they were scared the magic would be misused, but those times are long past, and now there is absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing that you can’t find out about magic and the otherworld with just a wee bit or research. The magic cat is out of the bag forever. Look, there are a lot of the new neodruid books and groups that are really only there to make money for the publishers and the group leaders. And there are now a lot of druid scammers trying to sell you the true way, and lost secrets of the druids. Still there are a lot of great groups who are honest about the magic and spiritual way of life, and who teach courses at a reasonable rate. The problem with the OBODIANS, in my opinion, is that they are just too large and there is a lot of peer pressure in their groups to follow the dogma of their courses. I have been in the pagan world long enough to have had the peer pressure directed at me, and the big bad witch of peer pressure does not scare me. Further, I am not the druid police, and really don’t care about what the OBODIANS do or do not believe. Again I am not the druid police. To me being a druid is a spiritual path, and I think it works best in small groups. And as far as spells go, let me tell you this, there are millions of cookbooks on spells out there and the companies who publish them are more than glad to take your money. I strongly advise you to learn the way to craft a spell, and then make your own spells up, for they will be from your heart and will be stronger than any spell you can ever get out of a book on spells, and I think you will find that most real witches, and yes I know a lot of them, and love them all, would agree with me. Learn how to make a spell and what goes into the craft of casting a spell and then as it harm none, cast the spell, and use the rider, as it harms none before you send the spell out into the universe. I like the BDO, and think that we are a good group of druids, and we have a good chief who has lots of wonderful ideas, and who I think is also a very spiritual person and a good guide. Best Star-tree