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    Druid Dowrgi, you should try divination, and I think you will find I am correct. For as us attorney Bill Barr just said,” history is written by the winners.” You seem not to understand how old the Druids are. We have been all over the planet and have been here for millions of years. It is a very Britonic and nationalistic view that the druids were only in the great country of England, home of Chaucer, who by the way almost had his work destroyed by the English government. It got down to two copies. But the angels helped and so we still have our beloved Canterbury Tales. Again history is written by the winners, and in this case the Christian Church who have tried every way to discredit and destroy the druids because we understand that all the world is sacred and do not need a priest to be the middle man between us and the god spirit or the goddess spirit. divination and traveling to the otherworld will help you see the truth, which will set you free, your higher will and real truth. Do not be fooled by the travel industry who puts forth lies in order to promote nationalism. And do not think that the druids were so stupid that they did not know all about America long before it was discovered by the vikings and then yes stupid Columbus who started the destruction of the native tribes and later the Europeans who stole the tribal lands of the great Indian nations and forced the Indians to conform to christian views. Not to mention all of the sacred druid sites in America that the christians secretly hid and wiped out and destroyed. Further the druids are also now located on other planets in this galaxy and many of them are now just returning home because of the terrible state of the environment on our home planet. We are now sending our prayers and spells to heal the planet and change world consciousness. Druids have never used violence and have never fought in wars, even though many historians say they have. Again, the winners are trying to write the history. But as the Grateful Dead say in the song St Stephen, ” did he doubt or did he try, answers are plenty in the bye and bye. Answers are also plenty with the use of divination. Have you tried scrying. You should, it will blow your mind. And don’t forget how powerful the druid magic is. Yes druids can travel time and space, we can mind meld with plants and animals and trees. We can step into other dimensions and talk to gods and angels. Once you start seeing that the divine is all around you, you can do all sorts of tricks in the stream and current of time. Of spiral time, and unwind the spiral and you will find a wave that you can surf on the source of that wave. Most of all you can use the druid path to change your life to a more powerful positive life. There are divine spirits of place everywhere, and you can bet the lord of the woods and the moon goddess spend plenty of time in the USA. And always remember that star tree highly recommends casting a magic circle before using or engaging in any scrying activities or other magic activities. and remember, use spring or river water in the scrying bowel and not water that has been through pipes. further check out the scorpion moon that is coming up next Monday.
    Best Star tree