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    Welcome Druid Daler, As you walk the druid path, you will find that nature will be your best teacher, and nature can make some real magic happen. I would encourage you to work on learning some of the Irish folk tunes. a good one to play is the gold ring because it was written by the faeries, the good folk, the gentry, and they most love to hear it. I see God as a spirit, and the divine is all around you, but still, I see it more as relationships than all is one. I see the Celtic Gods and goddesses as friends and guides and teachers, not to be worshiped, but to be treated as good friends. As it is now, there are thousands of different definitions of what a druid is and what a witch is, so you will have to decide for yourself what being a druid means to you. One of the things it means to me is to be aware of the otherworld, of the world of Celtic Gods and goddesses, and the world of faery, and to know that the divine is there and is aware that I am here. Much of it has to do with communication. I do feel that once you get in touch with the otherworld that it will lift your spirit up and raise your consciousness levels. I find a lot of peace in knowing that the otherworld is with me each day, and that I am not living in the mundane world like many people are. I can tell you that magic is real, and not just something that you think is real because you believe in your mind that is real. That kind of thinking and propaganda comes from organized religion that wants you to think that magic is not real. Again, Magic is real. And songs are like prayers, and the gods and goddesses hear you when you play. Spirit is all around you, and you are not alone, even the trees see you in their multicolored visions. And songs and prayers are powerful. so let your journey be one of exploring the other world, and do not go seeking after magical merit badges, for nature will always be your best teacher. Best Star-tree