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    Greetings Dowrgi,

    Thanks for your attention and kind reply, and for engaging with me in my experience of joining.

    When I initially purchased the Bardic course membership, I was never re-directed to a confirmation of my purchase, nor did I receive a confirmation e-mail from druidry, since then two more payments have been taken as is the service I paid for, but there just hasn’t been anything in way of an introduction to what the process is or what I’m meant to be doing. When I initially purchased the course membership, I thought I would be receiving physical documents or hand outs, as I don’t like to be spending lots of time reading on screens, or just some kind of communication or relationship, if that makes sense. Maybe this is about expectation, but my attempts in writing to and have both failed so was feeling kind of lost which further exacerbated my experience…

    …when I’m just keen to learn about druidry!!! :D :D :D

    Thank you for pointing out where I can download course material, I didn’t know that. It’s things like this which I was expecting to be communicated, a course outline, anything really, aside from notifications from paypal saying that I’ve made another payment without knowing what for in return!