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    Dear Druid David, some of the stuff I have found out is to never trust one source of authority. When making big decisions, check out at least 3 or 4 sources of authority. Often people who claim that they know something or have the answer, just don’t, or give you the wrong advice, and that can lead to real sorrow. The otherworld is definetly around us, but the trick is, can you get in touch with it, can you stay open enough to listen to it, and what it is trying to say. So, stay open to change and listen to signs, like crows calling outside your widow, or strangers telling you weird things, because it could be a message from the otherside, the otherworld.
    It often seems to me like the whole world is full of salesmen, and every one is in competition with each other. And there is no reason to think that our higher selves, our spiritual side, does not already know many of the secrets to magic, if we just take the time to be still and listen. But more what is the point of magic. It seems to me it is all about becoming more aware of a higher consciousness, a real change of the human spirit that brings us closer to love and happiness and a peaceful way of being. Further, I think there is definitely an astral plane or astral energy, and this is what so many of the witches talk about. They talk about forming thought forms on the astral plane so that these things will become real on this plane, where ever that is. There is the saying as above so below. I know that I have been on the astral planes many times, but I still don’t know how to just get there anytime I want. Maybe it has to do with certain places and times of the stars.
    We all want to get in touch with our higher will, and make our dreams come true, and find friendship and love, things that we all need. And magic can do this if it is used responsibly. Plus living a magical life is so much fun, and better than the mundane world of competition and working at jobs just to make money, jobs that you never wanted anyway. It is like each of us come into this world with some path to fulfill and anything that takes us off that purpose or journey is bound to fail. Now this becomes hard on people who are writers or artist, because the society really does not value writers and artist and musicians. However, if you are a bard, then I think it is best to give it your all, and not try to be an accountant because of all the money they make. I think a lot of people are very unhappy because they chased the money and not the work that they love. Also, I am just starting to learn how to visualize, and it seems that it is important to be calm and relax when you visualize, and also to practice at it everyday, like learning to play violin. Magic is just going to take time to learn, and I think it will be some hard work, and will take persistence. But the doors to the magic kingdom should open at some time, and time is not always linear. But one more thought, if you do follow the path you love, it is said that the universe will help you, and all kinds of magical doors will open for you, and all kinds of magical and talented and beautiful people will come into your life, and I am starting to think this is true. Best Star Tree