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    Hail Druid Dowrgi, and Druid Poole, the Kabbalah is nothing more than Jewish mysticism so there would have be Jewish mysticism at the time of Christ and that is how I think he got his Jaysus Super Powers. But there is a major difference here between Druid thought and Christian thought, and that is Christians think there is a god who lives across a big abyss, and in druid spirituality god is not off in the distance and unreachable because the otherworld is interwoven with ours and fully accessible which is huge difference. Myth, according to Scholem, is ” Myth, I would say, enables man to experience imaginatively what logic might deny, that there is an essential link between the ultimate nature of reality and his own passions, his sexuality, his very biology and anatomy. It draws its power from the strange and satisfying paradox that there is a beautiful and compelling isomorphism between all that is marked by mutability, transience, and decay in human life and the stuff of eternity. It thus enables ephemeral man to feel a visceral sustaining connection with the encompassing order of things.”

    Scholem, Gershom. Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism . Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.